Winners of the Case of the Week for 2001

Congratulations to the winners of the Case of the Week, 2001

Here are the Winners for the Case of the Week of 2001

(COW = Case of the Week).

As in the past year, the top winners are just incredible people. I have the privilege to see all the case before they are posted, and I must admit that in many I just look at the diagnosis submitted and shrug that there is no such diagnosis.. then search in Medline find out that the diagnosis does exist, and then prepare the case. So for me, many of these cases are absolutely new areas or pathology, lesions that I had never heard about. It is a constant source of amazement to discover new entities every couple of weeks, but more incredible that someone can be presented with a handful of images (not scanning the baby themselves) and make the diagnosis. Quite often in total bewilderment I write a note to the winner and ask.. "How did you find this diagnosis ? How did you approach the case ??√Ę‚ā¨

I have been doing prenatal scans for 24 years and I am so impressed by all these incredible minds and their determinations to obtain the diagnosis. I know many spend night and weekend searching books, libraries, the Internet. Simply amazing !

What is even more amazing√Ę‚ā¨¬¶ is the consistency shown. Finding one great case here and there is wonderful, but having the discipline to do it every week (some actually plan their vacation so as to have time to see the cases !!) is wonderful. I do not know if the patients of these marvelous individuals realize how fortunate they are.

Aside from the spectacular top winners, I would like to recognize the many others who have participated but with more modest results. Some folks clearly come from area where they had to self teach, or where the supply of reference material is more limited, and it is great that they make the effort to participate. All in all people for 37 countries have won cases !

Another amazing group is the sonographers and although fewer competed, the top scorer had very high results again.

The list below is based on 23 possible answers, but some winners were also contributors so the denominator may not always be 23. Interestingly enough, for the first year, there were 2 unsolved cases (46, 51). Bettina Bessieres, MD, François Jacquemard, MD, Luc Gourand, MD, Fernand Daffos, MD, Laurie Briare, RDMS, Dianne Glassford, RDMS, Dianna Heidinger, RDMS, Van R. Bohman, MD are to be credited for submitting these 2 cases !

Next year, in order to simplify the grading, I will count a point for the first 3 authors of the cases that are submitted.

Ahmed Al-Sinan

First place ex-aequo
20 correct answers out of 23 cases



Ahmed joined the list at the end of last year, and he first got my attention when another participant in the Case of the Week send me an E-mail about "Who is this incredible guy who gets all these answer correct ?√Ę‚ā¨. Ahmed is in his mid-thirties, and is .. tadaaa.. a Radiologist !!!! So there are still high-level radiologists doing ob-gyn ultrasound. He is also one of those who schedules his vacations around the COW. There are several neat anecdotes about Ahmed√Ę‚ā¨¬¶ One day I forwarded him 2 E-mail I had received in the past few days from younger residents. They were from different countries and both said: "When I grow up, I want to be like Ahmed√Ę‚ā¨ What a great role model he is ! Another neat anecdote about Ahmed is that he recently told me that next year he might not be able to participate as intensively to the COW√Ę‚ā¨¬¶ because he had to prepare his boards !!! Prepare boards when you know so much ??? I would not even bother ! ¬† Luis Guillermo Diaz Guerrero First place ex-aequo19 correct answers out of 22 cases


Luis was top winner last year, and is also this year. Luis is a charming, self-effaced modest and generous man. He continued to respond to the COW this year in spite of many tragedies including terrible personal losses and drama as well as the loss of his thesis in the fire that burned down his hospital. Luis is really a model not only of a physician but of someone that pursue his duties in spite of tremendous adversities. He has all my admiration too.   Fernando Heredia First place ex-aequo20 correct answers out of 23 cases


Fernando was my guide during a recent trip to Chile. He is not only an incredible diagnostician, but also a outdoor enthusiast that knows all the great places to visit, and the wonderful restaurants ! In no times he became a wonderful friend. Fernandito is also quite amazing because he is only in his third year of residency !!! At his level I was happy to know the difference between a gastroschisis and an omphalocele.   Claudio Luna Arévalo Second place19 correct answers out of 23 cases

Claudio was already a winner in last year's contest. He is a methodical researcher that clearly documents the steps he goes through to arrive at the diagnosis. This is a great teaching tool ! He is a classical music listener, and I have this vision of him in a deep armchair pondering the cases like Sherlock Holmes ! He is also a generous man who does a lot of non-profit exam. Unfortunately some armed bandit came to steal his machine !!   Carlos Orellana  Third place ex-aequo17 correct answers out of 23 cases  

Another methodical responder, who describes clearly the steps he uses to reaches his diagnosis. Carlos is also a quite person that is a champion of 3D sonography. He was already a winner last year.   Alberto Sosa Olavarria Fourth place ex-aequo15 correct answers out of 22 cases


One of the world most beloved ultrasound teacher. He is probably responsible in great part for the education of Ultrasound in Venezuela. (There are more winners of the COW responding from Venezuela, than from any country in the world, including the USA, there are 4 Venezuelan among the top 5 winners !). That is an achievement that anyone should be really proud of. Aside from this, Alberto is such a warm delightful person, and a great friend. He suffered a great loss too in the fire of the maternal-fetal medicine section of his hospital.   Julio Navarro Fourth place ex-aequo15 correct answers out of 23 cases Julio is a precise and quite person. Maybe timidity ? but I know little about him aside that he sends great images and obviously knows a lot more about prenatal diagnosis then I do !   José Luis Bartha Rasero Fourth place ex-aequo15 correct answers out of 23 cases

José Luis was already a top scorer last year. This year he continued to respond to the COW in spite of transplanting from Spain to the UK.   Dominique Thomas  


Fifth place ex-aequo
13 correct answers out of 22 cases

Dominique not only answers cases diligently but she has submitted several interesting cases too.   Gelsy Giugni Chalbaud  

Fifth place ex-aequo
14 correct answers out of 23 cases

Gelsy is a quite and modest person who just sends correct answers. As a mom, it is hard to do all the familial duties and wait for the kids to be in bed before finally being able to connect. Gelsy, therefore is the top scoring Mom of the COW ! Antonio J. Brise√Īo 13 correct answers out of 23 cases Olga Gonzalez Luc Gourand Philipe Massoc Miguel Merino 12 correct answers out of 23 cases 12 correct answers out of 22 cases 12 correct answers out of 23 cases 12 correct answers out of 23 cases Graziella Secchi Carlos Alberto Mejia Philippe Rapinat 11 correct answers out of 23 cases 11 correct answers out of 22 cases 11 correct answers out of 23 cases


Fabienne Bigi 

First place
15 correct answers out of 23 cases



A newcomer in the list, Fabienne is truly impressive. She comes from an area with few sonographers and her performances demonstrate her intelligence and assiduity in reviewing the cases. Her score would place her in the 4th place in the physician's list !   Donna Hale Second place13 correct answers out of 23 cases


Donna was already a winner last year and she is very dedicated not only to the COW but to her patients and the groups she works with, often asking questions, checking on the outcome of "her√Ę‚ā¨ patients. In short: the sonographer you would like to have to take care of you ! ¬† Cyrethia McShane

Third place
12 correct answers out of 23 cases

Cyrethia is another consistent and dedicated sonographer who was already a winner last year. She and Donna Hale wrote a very nice review of in the SDMS journal.


The following are those that found the exact answer to the primary diagnosis in the case of the week. The names in boldface have contributed some of their cases: thank you ! Those with a (r) found the answer but cannot count since they were reviewer for the manuscript !

Name Solved case number: Country
Gregório Acácio 55 Brazil
Horacio Aiello 45 Argentina
Nadia Ali Alghailan 49 Saudi Arabia
Nouriya Al-Sanna"a 59 Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia
Anna Marcela Aramayo 47 Brazil
Carlos Alfredo Llanos Arciniegas 59 Colombia
Claudio Luna Arévalo 40,41,42,43,44,45,47,49,52,53,54,55,56,
Juan Camilo Arjona 49,59 Colombia
Pedro Arrabal 62 USA
Rodolfo Aviles 52 El Salvador
Carlo Mario Atondo 54,55,62 Mexico
P.Bailleull 62 France
Fernando Ba√Īuelos 42 Mexico
Alberto Bermudez 44,45,49 Venezuela
Michael Bethune 56,59 Australia
Renuka Bhat 49 New Zealand
Dharmashi V. Bhate 40,42,52,55,56,57,62 USA
Amarnath Bhide 42,62 India
Jacques Bideault 49 France
Ana Maria Bircher 45,49,50,55,56 Argentina
Duska Blagojevic 49 Yugoslavia
Freddy Brice√Īo 45 Colombia
Antonio J. Brise√Īo 40,42,43,44,45,49,54,55,56,57,61,62 Mexico
Julio Brito 62  
Orlando Bustillo 49 Colombia
Jan Byme 40,41,42,47 USA
Daniel Cafici 55 Argentina
Hélio Camargo 49 Brazil
Ludivina Camberos  42 Mexico
Sergio Hernandez Casado 57,59,61 Venezuela
Pierre Castaing 49,62 France
Juan C. Casta√Īer 62 Puerto Rico
Leicy Catanho 49 Venezuela
Luc De Catte 40,47,49 Belgium
Gillian Cattel 62 USA
Elisa Cavalleri 45 Italy
Claudio Celentano 62 Italy
Gelsy Giugni Chalbaud 40,42,44,45,47,49,52,54,55,56,57,58,60,61 Venezuela
Antonio Ruiz Chica 49 Spain
Adriano.P.Chrisóstomo 42 Brazil
Xavier Compagnion 55 France
Francesco Contarin 40,42 Venezuela
Greg Connors 40 Canada
Philippe Coquel 62 France
Wes Cormick
54,55,56,60,61,62,63 Australia
Paulo Cossi 45,58 Brazil
Nirvikar Dahiya 42,56 India
Domenico Defazio  40,42,45,49,54,62 Italy
Juan Luis Delgado 49 Spain
Jaime Gomez Diaz 42,43,45,47,49,52,55,56 Colombia
François Duchatel 49,56 France
Lech Dudarewicz 40,42,43,44,45,47 Poland
José Luis Duque 62 Colombia
Salvatore Forleo 40,42,49 Italy
Fernando Rivera Fortin-Maga√Īa 49,52,54,55,56,57 El Salvador
Renato Frasson 62 Brazil
Maria Teresa Frias 52,62 Argentina
Renee Fronczak 49 Israel
Dumitru Gafitanu 62 Romania
Julio Cesar Soto Galindo 42,45,49,54 Mexico
Rajesh Avinash Garge  52 India
Marcello Germeck 45 Brazil
Eduardo Gómez Giménez 55 Argentina
Thomas Giove 49 USA
Marcelo Mello Goncalves 57 Brazil
Olga Gonzalez 40,42,43,44,45,47,52,57,58.60,62,63 Venezuela
Antonio Gonz√°lez Gonz√°lez 62 Spain
Luc Gourand 40,42,43,45,47,49,52,54,55,56,58,60,62 France
Arturo Guerra 41,42,44 Venezuela
Luis Guillermo Diaz Guerrero 40,41,42,43,44,45,47,48,49,52,53,54,55,
Mahesh Gupta 56 India
Fernando Heredia 40,41,42,43,44,45,47,49,50,52,53,54,55,
José G. Hernández 57 Venezuela
Wagner Hisaba 56 Brazil
Nicolette den Hollander 47,48,49,52,54,55,57,59,62,63 Netherlands
Laura Hurtado 42,43,52,54,56 Argentina
Julio Guillermo Brito Hurtado 54,55,56 Venezuela
Han Keunen 42 Netherlands
Pradeep Jain 62 USA
Karel Janicek 42.62 Czechoslovakia
Hussain Jawad 53,62  
Ioannis Kallikas 62 Cyprus
Craig Kalter 62 USA
Elizabeth Kerns 62 USA
Zvi Kivilevitch 42,43,44,45 Israel
Emilio Kirchoff 45,49,62 Brazil
Gary Kleiman 44,47 USA
Norman Koremblit 49 Argentina
Ludwik Kuci√Īski 62 Poland
Satish Kumar 58 India
Carlos Rubio Lainez 43,57 Spain
Terry Lesko 54 USA
Alvaro Lombardi 45,49,52,54,57,59,62 Mexico
Gustavo Malinger 50,62 Israel
Mercedes Mammone 57  
Roxana La Manna 62 Venezuela
Ghada Mansour 44,61,62 Egypt
Daniel Margulies 56,57 Argentina
Philipe Massoc 40,41,42,43,44,45,49,52,54,55,56,60 Chile
Ioannis Mastroefthimioy 49 Greece
Raul Martinez 52,54,55,62 Mexico
Isreal Meizner 55,56 Israel
Carlos Alberto Mejia 40,42,43,44,45,47,49,52,54,55,56 Colombia
Oscar Medina 42,44 Colombia
João Mendes 40,42 Portugal
Miguel Merino 40,42,43,44,45,47,49,52,55,56,59,60 El Salvador
Zehra Mete 49 Turkey
George Michailidis 42 USA
Pedro Morales 45 Spain
Adrian Morantes 55 Mexico
Bronashtein Moshe 62 Israel
Latha Natarajan 42,44,45,56 India
Julio Navarro 40,42,43,44,45,47,49,52,53,54,55,56,59,60
El Salvador
Roshini Nayyar 52,56 India
Arnoldo Segovia Nino 42,47,49 Mexico
Makoto Nomiyama 55 Japan
Aleksandra Novakov 42,49 Yugoslavia
Alberto Sosa Olavarria 40,42,43,44,45,47,48,49,52,54,55,
Carlos Orellana  40,41,42,43,45,47,49,52,53,54,55,56,
Adem √É‚Äďzden 62 Turkey
Dario Paladini 44 Italy
Ra√ɬļl Palmeyro 43,45,49,55,57,58 Argentina
George Papapanagiotou 56,57,59 Greece
Panagiotis Papageorgiou  42,54 Greece
Nayana Parange 56 India
Lia Parreira 40 Venezuela
Cossi Paulo 57 Brazil
Monica Pahuja 62 Australia
Eduardo Pavon 57 Mexico
Cleisson F√°bio A. Peralta