Tricuspid insufficiency and right atrioventricular hypertrophy with pulmonary atresia

Fabrice Cuillier, MD*; L. Vinatier, MD*

*   Department of Gynecology, Félix Guyon Hospital, 97400 Saint-Denis, Ile de la Réunion, France.

Case report

This is a 28-year-old woman (G1P0) referred to our antenatal unit at 36 weeks for a routine examination. Her family history was unremarkable and she wasn"t exposed to any harmful substances. Our findings were following:

  • Intrauterinr growth restriction, but with normal parameters of resistence in the fetomaternal circulation;

  • Normal amount¬†of the amniotic fluid;

  • Enlarged right¬†atrium of the heart with¬†the right atrioventricular¬†hypertrophy;

  • Tricuspid insufficiency.

The patient had delivered a hypoxic baby the next day, out of our clinic, and was transported to our neonatal unit. The sonography confirmed the diagnosis of the right atrioventricular hypertrophy, moderate tricuspid insufficiency and pulmonary atresia with intact septum.

Images 1, 2: 36th week of pregnancy. The images show dilated right atrium.


Images 3, 4: Image 3 shows normal ascending aorta; Image 4 shows branching of the right and left pulmonary arteries that are retrogradely filled by blood passing from the aorta via ductus arteriosus.


Images 5, 6: Color Doppler images of the heart during systole. Image 5 shows turbulent flow at the level of the tricuspid valve and no flow via pulmonary artery. Normal flow through the ascending aorta is visible on the image 6.



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