Happy Birthday!

Juliana Leite

2006-06-30-08 Happy birthday © Leite www.thefetus.net/

Nashville, TN

Oi! Happy birthday!

Do you know why I decide do write a card for you here in the fetus???? For many, many reasons:

  • First, because here is the place that you will never lose it
  • Second: you will remember me forever as the fellow that did a card in TheFetus
  • Finaly, this site is our passion

I thing that it is time to talk a little with you…. I need to say that I had an incredible time here with you. You are a  fantastic and lovely person. You supported me in all moments that I needed and that I asked for you help. You are sweet, polite, patient…You were not only a boss for me. You are my friend and you will be my friend forever. I will keep you save in my heart and in my memories for the rest of my life. Thanks for everything. And if you want to know my answer for your question: yes, I am a happy here!!!!!!!

Happy birthday...

Your friend, Ju

Our trip to Milwaukee

happy_birthday (5)

My family in the farm and the famous BBQ

happy_birthday (3)
happy_birthday (2)

Me and the boss!

happy_birthday (1)
happy_birthday (4)


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