3D volume Normal heart

Mike Kammermeier

GE Medical Ultrasound

The volume to practice can be downloaded here (33MB).

Press INIT to reset Volume Data Set to it's initial acquisition plane. Use Ref Image to cycle through A, B and C planes, without rotating.



From the Initial Acquisition, move the orientation dot to the apex of the heart and rotate on the Y-Axis to elongate the 4 Chamber View.


Left outflow tract view:

In the A Box, locate LVOT. (using Ref Slice). Place the Reference Dot just above Aortic Valve. (Use Left mouse button to move the Dot)



Great Vessels

In A Box, rotate image so that the spine is at 6 O'clock. (In A Box, this is a Z rotation).
Notice in the B-Box, the RVOT is elongated, demonstrating normal crossing of the great vessels.



Aortic Arch

To View the Arches, in A Box place Orientation Dot in Descending Aorta.
Elongate the Descending Aorta in the A-Box. ) This will be a Y-Rotation.

Notice the 4 Chamber View is also in the B-Box.


Ductal Arch

With the Dot in the Descending Aorta in the A-Box, rotate on the X-Axis to view the Ductal Arch.


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